Constant, reliable Internet is not a luxury, it is essential – now more than ever!

to the rescue!

We identify your Internet problems instantly and fix them seamlessly!
(And you’ll only know about it afterwards, when we update you)

Introducing the InGenie Magic

InGenie is changing the rules of the online world, providing Internet communications that is supported by 24/7 online monitoring and troubleshooting – or in other words:

We solve your problems for you!
So you can get down to business, work, or play

Sounds familiar? - "My Internet is down…”

Concerns & questions immediately begin to float
and pressure is now taking over! 

"Has this happened in other offices in the building?"

"Who should I talk to? Who can help me right now?"

"Is it an infrastructure or provider problem? Should I call a technician?"

Maybe it’s a problem with my computer?

"Should I tell the employees to stay or send them home? "

Should I reset the router? How?

So much noise!

we are here to change all of that!

Take a big breath and relax

InGenie allows you to focus on what’s really important – your business!
In other words - InGenie will take charge and take care of your internet & wifi communication’s issues. If problems arise- let us worry instead of you!

No more Internet worries – ever. Sounds like magic. Huh?

Network solutions tailored for you

So what’s our magic?

No obligations

Service already included!

Full flexibility

Our leasing model allows every company to list all its needs, as complex as they may be, and incorporate them into an innovative monthly leasing model.

Additional management and service ordering interfaces will be available digitally, customized to client needs.

Now that we revealed our magic

Who needs us?

Hi-tech companies
Space stations*

*Haven’t tried it yet, but will be happy to pop in for a visit

Who's behind this magic?


Mike Wagshal



Sagi Reuven



Shmuel Osipov


Shall we save you a place on our magic carpet?

Join the magic!

We invite you to partner with us and change the rules of the game in the world of communication solutions.